a biotechnology organization, centers around the disclosure, improvement, and commercialization of long-acting enemy of infectives for the treatment and counteraction of irresistible sicknesses and oncology in the US.



Greenlane creates and appropriates pot extras, youngster safe bundling, vape arrangements, and way of life items in the US, Canada, and Europe


a pharmaceutical company Stock price is $0.30

No. 8

Applied Hereditary Innovations Enterprise, a clinical-stage biotechnology organization, creates extraordinary hereditary treatments for patients determined to have interesting and incapacitating illnesses. Stock price - $0.38

 No. 7

a biotechnology organization, participates in the innovative work of therapeutics to slow, stop, or converse sicknesses of maturing Stock price - $0.87

No. 6

No. 5

The organization is centered around the improvement of malignant growth and treatment of monogenic diseases, and manufactures a pipeline of quality control prescriptions. Stock price - $0.90

The company deals in mineral resources, and engages in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral assets in the US Stock price - $0.67


The company builds, manages and maintains infrastructure for the energy industries. Stock price - $0.73


The company focuses on developing psychedelic-based therapeutics  Stock price - $0.72


the company focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel, proprietary, and synthetic small molecules for the treatment of brain and nervous system disorders. Stock price - $0.50